Our Purpose

Our purpose is to create change by giving back to our communities. 

We believe that every person has the power to create change and are answering the urgent call to take meaningful action. We identify projects in the areas of art, education, and sport and connect them with people who want to give back to their community. We dare organizations and individuals to dream big. We then partner with them to assess feasibility and execute a plan to make their big dreams come true. 

The Give Back Experience (TGBE) team is a diverse group of friends – artists, educators, and athletes – who have reunited to give back.

Community #1: Spring Valley, NY

Project proposals on art, education, scholarships and sports for Spring Valley youth are currently being reviewed. Projects will be selected on a rolling basis.

Why Spring Valley, NY

It is the hometown of the TGBE core team and where their passion for art, education and sport first took root.